Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day Three: I actually don't care...

Wow, day three of my social media hiatus (except of course this blog) and I don't actually care.

I had one moment of weakness today, when I got my hair done. I wanted to take a picture and post it for everyone to see and comment on how awesome it looks. Instead, however, I went to my sister's place and showed her. (She likes it.) I also posted some pics on here, although it doesn't really look much different...

I'm too tired for a long post tonight. I am going to crawl into my bed and fall asleep to the Golden Girls (as I do every night.) Perhaps tomorrow I will feel the burn of being out of the loop. Who knows.

Ta-ta friends.

I got my hair did.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The story of the Vancouver Tattoo Fiasco

Christina: "Hey, let's go for pedicures!"

Shelley: "No. I hate pedicures, they hurt."

At this point Shelley and Christina walk by
a tattoo shop on West Broadway and shelley suggests getting a tattoo.

Christina agrees, because she thinks that Shelley
is bluffing. They walk into the shop and Christina
picks out a tattoo of a 1940s puppy. (Betty Boop's
puppy as a matter of fact.) Jimmy, the artist, says that
the picture is ugly and looks for a better one on google.
Christina still thinks that Shelley is bluffing.

Christina is up first.

"This guy is going to be mad once Shelley admits
that she's bluffing," she thinks to herself.

Jimmy puts the outline on Christina's upper thigh
and tells her to look at it. She says no, it's fine.
She thinks that this is all a bluff and that she will
not go through with the tattoo. Jimmy asks
her again to look, reminding her that tattoos are
permanent. She declines again.

He then tells her to get on the table.

Christina still thinks that Jimmy is going to be mad
once the whole thing is called off. She has no intention
of getting a tattoo.

Christina (in her head): "Wow, he is going to be so mad."

Jimmy: "Okay, I am going to start now."

Christina: "Ummm...What?! Oh...Right...Ok..."


Christina is now in what she describes as the worst pain
in her life. She doesn't hide her pain as Jimmy draws the
pudgy little puppy on her leg.

Christina (in her head): "Oh shit. I guess Shelley wasn't bluffing."

And there he is, a cute little thing. Only problem is that
Christina should have looked at the stencil outline before
Jimmy inked her; the cute little dog is on her upper left
thigh, ogling her crotch. Christina says she feels violated.

Shelley's turn!

Shelley: "This is so awesome. It doesn't even hurt!"

Shelley gets a monarch butterfly on her lower back. (And no,
it is not a tramp-stamp! It's off to the left side, and was
supposed to be lower...)

Shelley: "Awesome!"

(Note: Christina was in the back looking at a mirror at her
pervy little puppy. She complained for the next couple of days
about how painful this experience was.)

The End.

Day Two: Pfft, Piece of Cake!

Well, here we are at day two of my social media-free week, and I'm feelin' fine! At this point I am pure arrogance. "This isn't hard, I have a life. I could do this forever..." (This, my friends, is what mile two of a half marathon is like; adrenaline is high and the challenge is on. However, by mile 11 -- equivalent of day six for this challenge?! -- I am, and probably will be, pretty much defeated and just want to die.)

I hate that I am so addicted to Facebook and Twitter. It kinda shows what a "loser" I am. -- For the record I don't actually think that I am a loser, but do you notice that only the super cool people don't have Facebook accounts?! Yeah, the "super cools" are a foreign bunch; they're too busy being popular in real life, hanging out at places like Bar Italia or working out for ten hours a day at the gym or something like that. Or, if the "super cools" do have Facebook, they only check it like once a month because they are too busy doing real life stuff...Hmmmph. That's not me.)


My electronic friends like me. (Or at least tolerate me.) I get invited to all sorts of things (which I don't usually go to because I am too busy Facebooking.) Even when I don't go to things though I can still see all the pictures and comments from the event. I can essentially live vicariously through others from the comforts of my own home.

This is tragic, how did I become such a fiend?! Looking back at this post, I realize that I really do need an intervention. (Perhaps I should try to go for longer than a week hiatus?!)

I should compose a list of things that I need to accomplish before I allow myself back on that site. My apartment is in dire straights, and I really could use more cardio in my life. Also, I should get into the habit of reading more, and perhaps invest more time in forming real life friendships with people...

Heck, maybe I'll surprise someone this week and call them (as opposed to texting or messaging them) just to chat. It would be awkward as hell, but that's the kinda thing my generation used to do. -- Watch out friends, I suggest you all call screen me if you see my number pop up on your call display!

Back to the list; I think that I am going to make a "to do" list to accomplish. (Not tonight though because I want to carefully consider what is a reasonable list to make. I don't want to make some sort of crazy bucket-type list, only to fail at it, and I don't want to make my list so easy that I can achieve everything in five seconds...It needs to be reasonable and balanced.)

Ok. this post is all sorts of ADHD wonkiness. (I don't care though, everyone is too busy Facebooking and Twittering to read my blog anyways!)

Tomorrow, I'll post the list. I will also (hopefully) begin checking items off that list.

Ta-ta for now friends. I have a red hot date with the Golden Girls!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day One: The Social Media Slut Takes a Break.

Of course I look sad, I'm out of the social media loop.

Well here I am, my first day of being social media free. I'm lonely. (Okay, I am over exaggerating, but I am sure that before the night is through I will have stopped myself from logging on to my Facebook or Twitter account about a thousand times.)

I'm pretty sure that I am a Facebook junkie. A social media slut. A twitter whore! (I use these terms loosely, and extremely non-sexually by the way.) But yes, I am to social media websites what smokers are to their cigarettes...Addicted.

In all fairness though, how can I not be addicted to the sweet lure of instant popularity at my finger tips?! My inflated ego has never been validated so much as it is when I am being paid attention to on the internet.

Wow. That's sad. (But admit it, all you Facebook/Twitter junkies know exactly what I am talking about. You do. Don't lie.)

I guess I should be thankful that my sister didn't challenge me to give up the internet all together; I still have my beloved blog and my hotmail account. Oh, and let's not forget my favourite gossip blogs. (Shout out to you Michael K at DListed!) When that gets old I guess I will have no choice but to resort to some of my favourite TV shows. (In no particular order: The Golden Girls, Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News, Wife Swap, Super Nanny, Anything on TLC about strange people and those baby-makin Duggars!)

Oh, wait. I forgot. I guess I can also read and go outside, and clean my apartment and visit my friends...I can probably be semi-productive in this social media-free week as a matter of fact! -- Sometimes (ok, most times) I forget that once I enter my apartment I am not trapped in this third-floor disaster area like Rapunzel is in her tower... Hell, I can do whatever I want!!

Right now I am going to go for a run. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after that since I am now officially out of the loop.

Here we go. Day one of the challenge. It's on!

Update: Well I had a pretty crappy run tonight. My quad muscles started to hurt, and I opted just to bow out early. (I am "pre-training" at the moment -- building my endurance up for when my training sked officially begins on July 12 -- I can be lenient with myself for the time being, though it sucks.)

The Facebook/Twitter Challenge...

So my sister, Heather, challenged me to give up facebook and twitter for a week.

I accepted.

Starting now, I am going to attempt to refrain from using both Twitter and Facebook for the duration of one week. I am not sure my narcissism will allow me to do so, but I am going to try. (Expect a lot of blog posts and perhaps even emails. I will be blogging about my withdrawal symptoms and the utter darkness that is sure to transpire as a result of this challenge.)

Here we go.

Social Media OUTCAST!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The cause of pain.

I went to the physiotherapist today, and confirmed the cause of my knee pain.

Iliotibial Band Syndrom (ITB). -- It is apparently one of the more common running injuries according to my physiotherapist and various running websites.

I was diagnosed with the problem by my chiropractor awhile ago, but since I also had a diagnosis of tendinitis from another sports physician from the Pan Am Medical Clinic, I felt I needed another opinion to verify what the cause of my pain was. (Both the physiotherapist and chiropractor gave me the same diagnosis, so I am inclined to believe them.)

It sucks to have this injury, as I cannot train the way that I want to. However, I did get the green light to run until my knee begins to hurt, which means that I can get some running into my daily life.

I was told that my condition can be fixed, and that with proper care, I will be able to fulfil my bucket list entry of one day running a full marathon! (Hallelujah! I was nervous that my newborn running career was over...It broke my heart!)

Oh well, all is good. I will be back in the race in no time.

Update: So I went for a run last night, and it felt incredible!!

I heeded the advice of my physiotherapist, and took walking breaks, even though I didn't want to stop, and think that helped with my knee. (Although it also made it harder to start running again...)

I wore my old shoes, even though they've been through two races, because they are the most comfortable and I love them. As a result (of the old shoes and cheap socks) I got a blister. Still, a blister is better then stabbing knee pain! (I'm going to wear the old shoes again with my running socks and see if that makes a difference...)

Here's hoping I can keep this up!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Marathon Madness!

This year's Manitoba Marathon was an incredible experience. I ran the 2.6 mile Super Run with my mom, and it was an honour to cross the finish line with her on her first official marathon race.

After we completed our run, my mom and I volunteered on the infield (Well, she volunteered and I took pictures at the finish line.) It was awesome to see all the runners and walkers complete their races. However, I must admit that I was rather jealous of the half and full marathon runners, as I was one of them last year. -- Not to discredit the run I had with my mom, but I really wanted to push myself into getting a better time for my half.

Up next my mom and I signed up for a 10k in September. Since my knee is still bad, I've already booked a physio appointment for tomorrow so that I can start training as soon as possible. If I can manage to get my knee in top shape, I will also consider the half marathon in Treherne on September 12. (I did the 10k last year and it was brutal. In all fairness though, I didn't train and I wasn't expecting such steep hills...This year if I go, I will prepare myself with uphill running...)

Oh I love marathon season!

I am disappointed that I neglected my running over the course of this year, but I am vowing to get back into it (even when school starts up again...) I want to be in top shape for next year's marathon, and perhaps the year after that I will partake in the full. (Completing a full marathon is one of the top items on my bucket list. I will do it.) In a couple of years I would also like to run in the Vancouver Marathon. I like a good challenge, and I love Vancouver.

This is my goal.

As for my mom, she says she is going to run the half next year too. I have no doubt in my mind that she will...She ran the whole 2.6 miles without even stopping! Terrific for someone who has never run at this capacity before!!

Congratulations mom, you did an awesome job!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The hero ex-boyfriend.

I just read that my ex-boyfriend is being hailed as a hero for saving someone's life by pulling them out of a burning vehicle on the Trans Canada Highway. -- The term hero is certainly warrented, as his actions were a true definition of the term.

I must admit, however, that it was weird to read about him, and see the video of him explaining how he saved that man's life. So weird.

Good on him for being brave and a hero.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Mom: Going the Distance.

Lee McCarthy, Brandy Henry and I after completing the 2009 half Marathon.

This year my mom and I were slated to run the Manitoba half Marathon on June 20th. My mom worked really hard to accomplish this goal by training regularly and getting into top running form. She was motivated by her determination to accomplish this run, and nothing seemed like it was going to stop her. However, a few weeks ago she had a bad reaction to some of her medication, and was advised to forgo the 13.1 mile run.

Instead my mom and I have decided to do the 2.6 mile Super Run. It's quite a bit shorter than the half, but given my mom's situation, the 13.1 miles is out of reach for both of us this year. (To be perfectly honest, I have barely trained, so I am not ready either.)

I am excited that my mom and I are still taking part in the Marathon. I think that a 2.6 mile run is a great start to her running career. (Last year I started my running career with the half marathon, and I blew out my knee big time!) We've decided that even though we can't take part in the half this year, we will do the 2.6, and later in September do a 10K run as training for next year's half.

L-R: Dad, Me, Janet, Kennedy and mom at the 2010 MS Walk

After my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS: a chronic progressive nervous disorder involving loss of myelin sheath around certain nerve fibres. It has different effects on everyone who has it, but it can result in loss of motor skills, and paralysis, among other problems.) she decided to take up running with the goal of one day completing a marathon, because she knew she faced the possibility of one day not being able to do this. Her logic was simple: she wanted to take advantage of her abilities before they were (possibly) stripped of her.

My mom is the true definition of a warrior. Though she has admitted that she is sometimes upset about having MS, she never lets it get her down. In fact, since her diagnosis, she has become stronger both physically and mentally.

On Sunday, June 20th, when my mom and I complete her first public run, we will celebrate by cheering on all the other Marathon runners that pass through that finish line. Though we are not able to participate in the race that we initially wanted to, I know that our Super Run will be a special experience for both of us.

I'm proud of you mom!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing: Sarah George (LOCATED: June 11, 2010)

Another aboriginal woman has gone missing. Her name is Sarah George, and she is a 27-year old mother of two little girls.

George has been missing for 12 days. She was last seen at the Merchants Hotel, in the north end, on May 29th.

On the day she went missing, George apparently went into the hotel, asked the bartender for a glass of water, drank it and left.

Sarah George is 5'1 or 5'2 inches tall, approximately 150 pounds with medium-length brown hair. She was last seen wearing a white sweater and a black tank top with blue denim capri-style pants and white Nike shoes. She also has a scar near her left eye.

Anyone with any information -- If you have seen Sarah, or have heard anything -- is asked to call the police missing person's unit at (204)-986-6250, or Sarah's mother, Marcia Yellowback at (204)-783-7206 (h) or (204)-963-4873 (c).

For more information, or better updates, please join the Facebook Group dedicated to find Sarah George, here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The affair...

Tim's and I in better times. Look at the love in my eyes.
It doesn't mean anything, I swear...

I have a confession to make.

Shortly after I started my summer internship at *insert large corporation name here* I began a torrid love affair with Starbucks.

I never meant for this to happen, as I always thought that Tim Hortons and I had a good thing going. However, once I realized that the coffee at Starbucks was rather delightful, and the passion tea lemonade was even better, I just couldn't help myself.

I'm a cheater.

It started off innocently enough; just a little flirting (Only going to Starbucks when the line at Tim's was so long, or when it was on my route and Tim's wasn't.) But now, when faced with the decision of whether I should pick Tim's and Starbucks, I often pick the latter.

I guess corporate life has changed me.

Truth and Reconciliation: Be a part of it.

I signed up to volunteer for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's National Event from June 16 - 19. I will be taking written statements from residential school survivors about their experiences in the residential school system.

For me this is something that I am compelled to do because of my heritage, and perhaps even more importantly, because of my grandmother; she was a residential school survivor who suffered a great deal at the hands of this system. In turn, her children suffered...

My grandmother died when I was just a baby, so I have no memory of who she was. However, I have my ideals and my father's childhood stories to remind me, and although I know that she lived in a very dark place for much of her life, I like to imagine how things could have been for her...

There is a call for people to come forward and volunteer for this event. The commission is still looking to fill a number of positions; including statement takers, registration takers and set up people. Anyone can apply (they are not just looking for people of aboriginal descent) and the rewards of being a part of this historic event will be great.

For those of you who are looking to do something meaningful, this project fits the bill, as this issue is extremely sensitive and life-changing for so many people. Or, if you need something to spruce up your resume, volunteering for the TRC is an excellent opportunity not only to showcase your writing skills and abilities, but it will also show that you are diverse and have (or will have) an understanding of something that is embedded so deeply into Canada's history. (CreComm: This would be an excellent resume piece for all of you, especially J and Media students, as they are looking for statement takers in written, video and audio form...)

Click here for the online application.

Monday, June 7, 2010

This sign has "bin" bugging me all night...

Here's a picture of a FABUTAN sign that I saw tonight. The blatant typo bothers me, is it a promotion? A spelling mistake? Did they run out of e's?

I saw this "mistake" on two different FABUTAN signs...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Social Media Suicide

It seems as though everybody is using some sort of social media device these days. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or any of the other social media outlets, the internet has exploded to become a forum for all of us to have our moment, or moments, in the spotlight.

I recently read an article about how divorce lawyers have turned to Facebook (as well as other social media outlets) to aid them in their cases. It seems that a large majority of people are inconsiderate of what they post, paying little, if any, attention to the ramifications that may result from posting pictures, comments, etc.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account this behaviour is likely apparent. You know what I'm talking about; that annoying Facebook friend that spews embarrassing rhetoric about the most personal details of their life. -- How many times have you read about Jane Smith's hatred for her deadbeat baby daddy, or about how John Doe hates his job? How many people on your network fail to censor their thoughts, behaviours and actions? Perhaps you are one of them.

It's likely that people feel that in the realm of sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are safe because they are amongst friends. Maybe they don't care. Maybe they're simply unaware of how they are perceived by others.

I'm sure that we are all guilty of this; I can't imagine how inappropriate some of my Facebook posts and tweets are. However, given the constant warnings from my instructors at school, and the fear of becoming another example of someone who has committed career suicide via a social media site, I am extremely cautious (perhaps even paranoid) about the things I post online. (This isn't to say that I don't dabble in inappropriate posting still, but for the most part it is benign.)

It's important, and sobering, to consider that nowadays many employers, institutions and apparently divorce lawyers make use of the online information that's out there; the information that we willingly put out there for the world to see. These social media devices have become an employer's (and divorce lawyer's) best friend, and perhaps an employee's (divorcee's) worst nightmare.

Perhaps a good rule of thumb for everyone who uses these social media sites is this: Think of the most "prudish" person you know, and consider how they would react to the pictures, comments, messages that you post on the internet. Or, consider what a potential employer would say, or how they would react, if they had access to your social media life. (Even though you might be heavily protected online, remember that the internet is an extremely unforgiving media. Things you post never go away, and in this day and age a potential employer's best reference is you via a google search engine.)

Just some food for thought friends.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Comma, Comma, Comma, Comelian...

I abuse the comma.

I use it far more than I am supposed to. It's like my favourite gramatically incorrect crutch. (I love you comma)

I need a comma intervention STAT, cause I have no idea how to even use it anymore.

Another day at the office...

I have to get ready for work in a second, but I thought I would take a second to blog about office life thus far. I'm digging it. I've come to enjoy my morning ritual of doing my hair and makeup and picking out my office outfit. I enjoy wearing dresses and pearls, and my feet have relented to the heels that I insist on wearing every single day! (Wow, I feel all grown up!) I love the freedom of not having to follow someone else's schedule, and instead biding my time to ensure that I produce quality work that I am proud of. I love the atmosphere in my office, and going for lunch with my colleagues...

My experience at my summer internship is proving to be very rewarding, and I am extremely grateful that I got this summer position. (Since I have already worked for this corporation for a number of years, I feel fortunate that I already know many of the people that I work with!)

Also, I must give a shout out to my CreComm instructors, as I have already used many of the skills they have taught me throughout the school year...Thanks CreComm!

Although, I must confess that I miss school and my CreComm family terribly! I can't wait to get back in September...