Monday, June 28, 2010

The Facebook/Twitter Challenge...

So my sister, Heather, challenged me to give up facebook and twitter for a week.

I accepted.

Starting now, I am going to attempt to refrain from using both Twitter and Facebook for the duration of one week. I am not sure my narcissism will allow me to do so, but I am going to try. (Expect a lot of blog posts and perhaps even emails. I will be blogging about my withdrawal symptoms and the utter darkness that is sure to transpire as a result of this challenge.)

Here we go.

Social Media OUTCAST!

1 comment:

  1. I think that one of the keys to being successful in this challenge will be to try to replace your facebook/twitter time with something constructive.

    Perhaps when you get the urge to go onto those social networking sites you can instead go for a run, read, or clean.

    If you don't find something to replace that time it might be tougher to handle.

    Also do you get rewarded at the end of this challenge? I hope your sister has something set up for you if you are able to conquer her challenge.