Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The cause of pain.

I went to the physiotherapist today, and confirmed the cause of my knee pain.

Iliotibial Band Syndrom (ITB). -- It is apparently one of the more common running injuries according to my physiotherapist and various running websites.

I was diagnosed with the problem by my chiropractor awhile ago, but since I also had a diagnosis of tendinitis from another sports physician from the Pan Am Medical Clinic, I felt I needed another opinion to verify what the cause of my pain was. (Both the physiotherapist and chiropractor gave me the same diagnosis, so I am inclined to believe them.)

It sucks to have this injury, as I cannot train the way that I want to. However, I did get the green light to run until my knee begins to hurt, which means that I can get some running into my daily life.

I was told that my condition can be fixed, and that with proper care, I will be able to fulfil my bucket list entry of one day running a full marathon! (Hallelujah! I was nervous that my newborn running career was over...It broke my heart!)

Oh well, all is good. I will be back in the race in no time.

Update: So I went for a run last night, and it felt incredible!!

I heeded the advice of my physiotherapist, and took walking breaks, even though I didn't want to stop, and think that helped with my knee. (Although it also made it harder to start running again...)

I wore my old shoes, even though they've been through two races, because they are the most comfortable and I love them. As a result (of the old shoes and cheap socks) I got a blister. Still, a blister is better then stabbing knee pain! (I'm going to wear the old shoes again with my running socks and see if that makes a difference...)

Here's hoping I can keep this up!

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