Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Two: Pfft, Piece of Cake!

Well, here we are at day two of my social media-free week, and I'm feelin' fine! At this point I am pure arrogance. "This isn't hard, I have a life. I could do this forever..." (This, my friends, is what mile two of a half marathon is like; adrenaline is high and the challenge is on. However, by mile 11 -- equivalent of day six for this challenge?! -- I am, and probably will be, pretty much defeated and just want to die.)

I hate that I am so addicted to Facebook and Twitter. It kinda shows what a "loser" I am. -- For the record I don't actually think that I am a loser, but do you notice that only the super cool people don't have Facebook accounts?! Yeah, the "super cools" are a foreign bunch; they're too busy being popular in real life, hanging out at places like Bar Italia or working out for ten hours a day at the gym or something like that. Or, if the "super cools" do have Facebook, they only check it like once a month because they are too busy doing real life stuff...Hmmmph. That's not me.)


My electronic friends like me. (Or at least tolerate me.) I get invited to all sorts of things (which I don't usually go to because I am too busy Facebooking.) Even when I don't go to things though I can still see all the pictures and comments from the event. I can essentially live vicariously through others from the comforts of my own home.

This is tragic, how did I become such a fiend?! Looking back at this post, I realize that I really do need an intervention. (Perhaps I should try to go for longer than a week hiatus?!)

I should compose a list of things that I need to accomplish before I allow myself back on that site. My apartment is in dire straights, and I really could use more cardio in my life. Also, I should get into the habit of reading more, and perhaps invest more time in forming real life friendships with people...

Heck, maybe I'll surprise someone this week and call them (as opposed to texting or messaging them) just to chat. It would be awkward as hell, but that's the kinda thing my generation used to do. -- Watch out friends, I suggest you all call screen me if you see my number pop up on your call display!

Back to the list; I think that I am going to make a "to do" list to accomplish. (Not tonight though because I want to carefully consider what is a reasonable list to make. I don't want to make some sort of crazy bucket-type list, only to fail at it, and I don't want to make my list so easy that I can achieve everything in five seconds...It needs to be reasonable and balanced.)

Ok. this post is all sorts of ADHD wonkiness. (I don't care though, everyone is too busy Facebooking and Twittering to read my blog anyways!)

Tomorrow, I'll post the list. I will also (hopefully) begin checking items off that list.

Ta-ta for now friends. I have a red hot date with the Golden Girls!

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