Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep Going!

So I popped onto Facebook (while waiting for my ride out to Ashern, MB) and low and behold I found a friend's status message that took me by complete surprise and literally made me want to cry!

It said:
"Tomorrow is my quit date........(smoking)........ reading Shelley Cook's blog has made me see that if she can do it.....then so can I !!!!!!!!!!!"
Thanks friend (who I'm not naming, in case you don't want me to!) You've really made my day, and I am excited that you are going to quit smoking with me! (Not only because misery loves company...HAHA, just kidding. But, because we're going to kick this habit and not be slaves to it anymore!)

Good luck! (And thank you for inspiring me to keep going!!)

1 comment:

  1. Way to go!!! Your quitting smoking has positive rammifications for more people than you're aware of. Keep up the good work and to your friend... good for you!