Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm OK!

Good news everyone: I think I'm OK now.

It's true that I’ve been a chaotic mess for the last week, due in large part to my lack of a cigarette. Although after a thorough self-assessment (which involved me looking into a mirror this morning and telling myself how awesome I am, followed by a food reward of last night’s left-over pizza…) I think it’s safe to say that I am going to be OK!


I am A-OK! -- In fact, I am so OK, that I have convinced myself that I am now officially a believable non-smoker who is OK with not smoking! (Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t stink anymore! -- I bet if you kissed me I wouldn’t even taste like a dirty ol’ ashtray anymore either! – Woohoo! Who wants to make out!? No seriously, let’s try…Someone make out with me…Please?!)

Haha…Just kidding. Kind of.

But since we’re on the subject of making out, I will say that (when the time is right) I am excited about the notion of checking off the non-smoking box on all of the online dating sites I intend to join! (I also intend to lose a little weight and post pictures of myself in booty shorts, nipple tassels, and anything that is completely inappropriate and suggestive enough to get men to notice me…Desperate times call for desperate measures! -- The clock is ticking; I’m quickly becoming an old lady!! But that’s an entirely different blog post!)

Oh well, I just wanted to post this little note to tell you all that I am OK today!