Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One: FML

Happier times, Circa last week.

Well today is the first day of the rest of my life because I quit smoking.

You'd think that I would be happy that I've quit this bitch, but I'm not. In fact, more than anything my mood shifts from anger to depression to complete and utter loss. There is no sunshine left in my soul today.

I hate quitting.

I'll be honest when I say that I am unsure if I will be able to maintain my life as a non-smoker. I mean, I quit and hope to remain that way, but since I have been doing it for so long, I might slip back into my old puff-puff ways. (I say this because the last thing I need is some non-smoker to laugh at me from their high horse, ivory tower if I slip. -- Nobody likes the person who insists on saying 'I told you so.' Seriously. Nobody likes that person.)

Anyways, the reason that I have chosen to quit are as follows:

1) Stinking: I hate that I smell like a stanky old ash tray. Seriously, why do I even buy perfume?! (Smoke covered in perfume is my scent, it has been for years...)

2) Dying: I have probably already taken a number of years off of my life because of the years and years of smoking I've done. That sucks. I really wanted to live to be at least 100, or be the first person to live forever. Ugh. Damn you cigarettes.

3) Poverty: Cigarettes vs. Food. That's the constant battle that smokers often face. (Thank you Visa for allowing me to not have to make that choice...Sure I am in debt for the next couple of years, but at least I got to smoke and eat!) For real though, it's not just food; I want to be able to have nice things and have awesome adventures. I'm so sick of all my happy non-smoking friends who go on trips and have nice (new) things. I don't want to be the poor smoker who can't afford stuff and who always has wind-blown hair. That's not cool.

4) Uncool: Well damn you Wynona Ryder (AKA Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites, circa 1994)! You made smoking look super cool. Ugh. Not only did you make smoking look cool, but pretty much every band, singer, Hollywood movie, actor or actress made smoking the thing to do in the early 90s. -- Smoking, grunge, depression and suicide, that's what the 90s were all about man. And now, flash forward to 2010, none of that stuff is remotely cool anymore! (Not gonna lie, that's kinda good cause the whole grunge thing was really depressing...)Still, I was hoping cigarettes would make a comeback.

Ugh. I have the shakes and can't concentrate on anything. Quitting sucks.


  1. Best of luck Shelley! I hope you're able to stick to it - just think of how good it will be for your health and for your running.

  2. Good for you Shelley. I am sure that it will be very difficult but good things are worth working for. I read once that within minutes of stopping smoking that your body begins to repair and regenerate. You can do it!

  3. YAY FOR SHELLEY! I'm sooo excited for this!

    I agree with all of your points, and I wish more people would.

    I'm not even a "smoker" and I use quotations because my 19-year-old sister STARTED smoking after graduation, simply because of the fact that we were always told not to (yet my dad is a smoker). She told me she got pierced and started smoking just to rebel against ...whatever. Good morals that never really sunk in, I suppose. I mean, I even started smoking casually (socially) the flavoured cigarellos while out with friends- even bought a few packs that would end up lasting me forever, because well, a lot of my friends (sister included) were smokers, so why not go outside on the patio?

    But in reality, I have asthma, I know the repercussions, and my body can't afford to smoke those things (as well as other things!)

    Just want you to know I'm rooting for you! And slip-ups will occur as you said, and just so you know, windblown hair is sexy, and yeah, we all hate quitting the things we think are good for us...

    Apparently, I should read your blog more often! Actually, Sandy told me to read it more! ha ha! I LOVE CRECOMM(ERS)! Your (shaky) will-power/strength is inspiring!

    Good luck! :)