Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Predators of Social Media

So, this morning I got a Facebook message from someone I don't know named Val. She writes that she found me on the Winnipeg Harvest Volunteer Group on Facebook.

In an extremely long and sterile message, Val offered me "an opportunity" that she claims has "huge financial potential." She continues that even though it (the opportunity) is a "personal involvement," a few of "them" (Dunno who they are) see how this opportunity "with huge financial potential" can be used to raise money for any cause at all, and they've developed a "process to do that."

(Wow, Val you want to share this "opportunity with huge financial potential" with me so that I can save the world?! -- You're too kind...)

Essentially the message explained nothing, and sounded as though it came straight from a pyramid scheme handbook. (Long, sterile, and the illusion of free money. I bet Val just copied and pasted this note from a template and sent it to me and a number of other people...)


Perhaps I am overreacting here, but I am offended that Val is scoping out strangers on a non-profit volunteer group on Facebook to recruit for her "opportunities with huge financial potential." I am also offended by her grammar inconsistencies and spelling mistakes...


Like, I get it, times are tough and that perhaps people in this "marketing businesses" have to create their own opportunities too. Heck, I'm all for that. But to go on a friggin NON-PROFIT Facebook page to recruit members...Really?! I think it's super tacky.

Here is the message, I'd like some input onto whether or not I am overreacting...

Hi Shelley...I found you in the Winnipeg Harvest volunteer group here on facebook. I would like to run an idea by you due to your interest in that group.

There is a new opportunity that is going to be a very big deal real soon with huge financial potential. It's a marketing company that provides services from many companies of which most people use every day. More and more are coming on all the time. It is available in US and Canada to anyone who chooses. It is for personal involvement, however a few of us see how it can be used to raise money for any cause at all, and have developed a process to do that as well.

Although this part is not promoted through the business, we feel that there is alot that can be accomplished this way. I'm sure you will agree, most people are tired of traditional ways of raising money for the never ending causes out there, and there as so many places that need funds, including regular families.

The opportunity is not so much about selling, but becoming a customer of services that you pay for every month anyways. For the most part, becoming involved means switching your own point of purchase from your current provider of services to the ones that make sense for your family, ie,... long distance, phone, travel booking, fitness memberships, roadside assistance just to name a few.

In addition there is an online shopping mall with over 900 stores, including Home Depot, Sears, Safeway, Applebees, Starbucks, Best Western, Budget. just naming a few... when you shop thru your mall, not only do you collect reward points, but also get a commission paid to you from whatever store you have purchased from.

It is simply a change to the way you buy or pay for the things you are going to buy or pay for anyways, and getting paid for doing so.

This is going to become very big in the very near future, and I'm looking for people who will share the vision of where this is going and who would want to be part of it and take advantage of the timing with where this company is going.

There is alot more to it, and lot of money that can be made,.. I'm just giving you a small overview of what its about,... not how it works...

Please get back to me and I'd be more than happy to arrange sharing the details with you. Also forward this on to anyone who would want to increase their personal income while continuing with whatever they are doing, or who has a passion for any other cause that relies on donations or funding.

I truly believe that everybody should see this plan to see what is available and to decide if it is for them.

I look forward to your reply...

thanks.... ...Val (I live just outside of Wpg )


  1. Totally a pyramid style scheme. If it was me (and I was as upset as you) I would likley correspond with her wasting her time and making her think you are genuinely interested. Don't share any personal information, definitely do not add her to Facebook, but keep her hanging. Keep asking for more and more details. After about 4 or 5 long responses from her just tell her that you don't think it is for you :)

    But I can be a jerk sometimes.....just saying!

  2. I'd tell Val I'm very interested and ask for her address and phone number.

  3. I got a message from Val too.... I deleted her and her stupid scheme!I wonder if she is really a he from the middle of Africa... another con