Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Exciting find...

I love when people leave random messages in random places for strangers to find. (Seriously, I love the whole anonymous positivity and insight others feel inclined to share.) So when I found this little post it note on a newspaper box on Kenaston I was thrilled!

There is a website listed on this post-it (www.operationbeautiful.com) I actually logged on to find a viral campaign targeted at eliminating negative self-talk! Genius!

I have yet to make my own post-it note to leave in a random place, but I will.

Thanks stranger who left this note, I enjoyed it!


  1. That's great!

    You could do the same thing with depressing comments to ruin someone's day. Not saying that it's the best approach, but you could do it!

  2. Heeeeey...I laughed out loud when I thought of all the post-it's I could leave around this city ruining people's day! One day I'll share my ideas, but right now they're far too offensive for a blog Comment section...


    Just kidding.