Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day pool party

Kari (The hostess with the mostest) sitting with KJF.

Today KJF learned how to "Fim" (swim). Here she is
in the pool getting a piggy back from her daddy.

Photo op, me and the kid. (My sister calls me Consuela
because I am kind of like her nanny a lot of the time.)

Jason (My brother-in-law) posing for the camera.

Jason and I (Yes, I am sitting in the shade by the food...
Leave me alone, I was the DD...Food was my alcohol. Barf.

My sister (Heather) and KJF in the pool. Heather never
goes in the pool, but KJF loved it and we all took turns
"fimming" with her.

Pascale and KJF in the pool. (Look, KJ is "fimming" all
by herself!! -- She was so excited about being able to swim!)

For the record, I know that me using the word "fimming" instead of "swimming" is probably super annoying, but it's cute. I figure that the kid will grow up so fast that I want to enjoy her little cutenesses before they run out...

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