Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Six: Still going strong!

Well, I am still going strong with my ban on Facebook and Twitter! My week stint is almost up, and I am not even hurting. -- I admit that I have had a few moments of weakness, where I've wanted to log on, but for the most part my absence is a welcomed relief.

Tomorrow is the one week mark that I banned myself from social media, and is also the day that I can return to the underworld of Facebook and Twitter. I haven't decided if I am going to though, as a little extension on the ban might be good for me.

Who knows, we shall see.

Next week I am going on a mini-vacation. I've booked a couple of days off of work, and am heading down to a cabin that my sister and her husband rent every summer. It's the cutest little place; a waterfront property where I can swim and go fishing (Yep, I go fishing with my brother-in-law when I am out there...I even bait my own hooks!) We also eat a lot out there (screw you diet!) and go on little adventures. It really is the highlight of my summer. (It always makes me wish I had a cabin.)

Anyways, there is internet access out there, but I am not sure that I will waste the few precious vacation days I have out there roaming my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Ah well, day six and I am going strong.

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