Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the ghetto...

So I live in a ghetto.

Since I have lived here my bike has been stolen, my laundry hamper has been stolen, my car has been keyed, and a towel of mine was stolen! (Seriously, who steals someone else's towels?! Like, I get naked in that people...Hello?! Funny thing is, I found it in my neighbours laundry when I was taking her stuff out of the dryer -- Since she always leaves her stuff in there forever! Ugh.) Also, the cops come here on the regular to visit the suspected drug dealer who lives down the hall. Perhaps they are looking to speak to one of his many friends who wander the hallways at night?! (On a side note, one girl who hangs out at the suspected dealer's place was selling a bike at 7-11 around the time mine was missing. She looked really whacked out on something, as she was also trying to bum money off of people in the store. Had I seen the bike she was selling (which was probably mine) I would have intervened.)

Either way, I am frustrated with my stupid apartment block.

A few weeks ago someone set fire to one of the recycling bins outside, scorching the fence behind it. Also, there are these kids that run around the hallways, colouring on walls and making a ton of noise. Their mom doesn't usually stop them, unless I go out and yell at them first. (Okay, so I don't yell, but I am stern!) Either way, their good behaviour doesn't last long.

Another thing about this place is that the locks on storage rooms and the laundry room have to be changed regularly because of break-ins. (It's great that the rental company changes the locks, but thanks to the thieves that break them in the first place, I can look forward to yearly rent increases on my rent!) Oh, and to add to the yearly rent increases, I can't forget about the sewage backup's that happen at least once a year. Cha-ching, more rent increases!!

Recently, they changed our free laundry into coin operated laundry. (A little archaic, since many places use the pay-card system...) It doesn't really make sense to install a coin operated system in a place that has such a high theft rate. But alas, the laundry machines have also been vandalized a number of times. One of them is actually out of commission as we speak! (It's a good thing for me that many of the people here are either too cheap, or can't afford to do their laundry regularly, since we now only have one washing machine for the whole building!)

I have insurance, and another year left as a full time student. I can't wait to move out of this building. I like the area (South Osborne) but I can't stand many of the people who live in this place. Call me a snob if you will, but this place is a ghetto.

Ok, that's my rant.

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