Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Bon Jovi Experience.

The stadium was packed for the Bon Jovi concert last night. Cougars, young and old, came out to worship our communal boyfriend (Jon Bon Jovi.) and sing-along to timeless Bon Jovi songs like Bad Medicine and Living on a Prayer.

The smell of pot wafted through the warm summer air, as mother nature threatened fans with dark rain clouds that hovered over the open stadium. Swarms of people congregated in common areas, it was as though the entire city had come out for the show.

The lineups for both alcohol and the washrooms were staggering; drinking and peeing were a commitment for those who were willing to invest the time -- and money at $7 a pop for a drink -- to wait for their turn.

The roar of the excited crowd welcomed the boys from Jersey on stage as the sky began to dim. With only a little bit of interaction with the audience, Bon Jovi broke into a chain of songs old and new.

It was a good concert, though not the best Bon Jovi show I'd seen. However, scoring the deal of a lifetime by getting five dollar tickets, I'd say that it was the best five dollars I have ever spent.

After last night's performance I can honestly say that I am still madly in love with Jon Bon Jovi, and that he and his intense song lyrics have ruined me for all men...

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