Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good morning coffee and laptop...

It's sunny outside at 6:49 am.

Hanging out in my bed with a coffee and my laptop seems like a good start to the day. (Although I don't have much time to blog as I have back to back meetings at the office to see me through the morning.)

My summer internship has proven to be very rewarding, as it seems that I have found the world of internal communications far more interesting and rewarding than I initially thought it would be. (I think one of the reason's is because I'm lucky to have a great boss who lets me be creative and explore the different aspects of this job.)

Part of my job is writing for the company newsletter. It's really neat because I have worked for this corporation for almost 10-years, and therefore I feel as though I am at an advantage because I am familiar with both the newsletter and the people that make up this corporation. -- I keep trying to put my frontline experience and personality in my work to make it more relatable to my co-workers. Writing interesting stories is extremely important to me.

Another job function that I have involves gathering information. Though I can't go into a great deal of information about this project (for fear that it is confidential) I am having a good time understanding and learning about this project...

I think one of the most important aspects of this internship is that I have discovered the difference between a job and a career. Though I do have a good job that pays well, I can't wait until I am done school so that I can start my career on a full-time basis. -- One of the main differences that I have discovered between a job and a career is that I work harder in a career setting because my work is something that is my own. In my job, I feel as though I simply follow procedures and company protocol in order to meet the expectations of my outlined position, whereas my career sees me working hard because I want to better myself and the company at the same time.

It's difficult to explain, however I suppose that the best explanation would simply be that my career allows me to work hard and create a body of work for the company that is mine. -- I like the job autonomy and the respect of my colleagues. I like wearing my own clothes and being able to have an opinion.

I guess I better get ready for my day at the office...

Until later friends.

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  1. Way to go! Can't wait to hear about all the stuff you worked on.