Saturday, September 19, 2009

R - Rambling (about the fam...)

It's 9:23pm, Saturday night, and I am at my parents place "Condo/cat-sitting" while they are away in Grand Forks for the weekend.

Sarah, the almost completely blind 14-year-old cat, is off in her hiding place somewhere, traumatized that she has been left in my care. (Oh, and for the record; she is not traumatized because I am a bad "pet-sitter", or because I am mean to her or anything. She is traumatized because I work such long hours, and when I condo/cat-sit I tend to pop in-and-out of this place and my own place, so she is neglected for attention). Poor little Sari gets sad and kind of hateful every time my dad (her BFF) leaves her in my care...

That's okay though, because I overcompensate for my neglect by giving her lots and lots of food! -- Sarah may be starving for attention, but she is not starving for food!!

Speaking of food, I am also not starving over here at Mama and Papa Cook's place!

You see, Mama Cook has this thing where she pre-cooks piles of food, and then freezes it in individual "meal-sized" portions that have been measured and weighed. If you didn't know any better, you would think that she invented the "TV dinner"...

You want a homemade chicken dinner with all the fixin's in five minutes?!

Mama Cook will make you a homemade dinner with all the fixin's in five minutes! And if you don't want chicken, there's beef, fish, vegetarian options, and soup...

The woman is a time-management genius!

However, there is a downside to the food at Mama and Papa Cook's place.

See, Mama Cook; she's pretty economical. She doesn't like the idea of wasting anything, especially food. (And I support her in her fight on non-wasting! Hallelujah!) But there is a line (that she always crosses) that needs to be drawn, and enforced when it comes to throwing out food, cause Mama Cook is notorious for consuming dairy products after they have passed the expiry date!

That is not right; dairy producers put those expiry dates on their products for a reason.

Expiry dates are like the law for milk. THE LAW.

If my milk says that it is going to be bad on October 8th, than it is going to be BAD on October 8th. There should be no questions asked, expired dairy is just bad news; our trusted friends in the milk industry said so. And those people are experts...EXPERTS!!!

Anyways, back to Mama Cook...

She has no qualms about eating (or letting me eat) expired dairy products.

She keeps insisting that the food is 'fine', and has gone as far as to mislead me into eating expired dairy products in the past. But I am onto her shenanigans now, and I will not eat anything that contains dairy in their house without first checking the expiration date myself.

Perhaps I am the sucker for believing that the dairy producers around the world are psychic, and know when my milk, and milk products are going to go bad. But I'm okay with that. Spoiled milk is the most disgusting thing in the world, and I'd rather just believe in everything that the dairy producers predict...

Ah well, I guess we all have our little disgusting habits...

I guess I better pay attention to the cat now, before I go to bed...

Goodnight blog-friends.

P.S. You should read this post with a Southern drawl, like Nancy Grace, cause that's how I wrote it. Yup.

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