Sunday, September 20, 2009

V - Vlogging?!

Hmmm...I think our next PR assingment should be "Vlogging" -- Video Blogging!

My friend Corey introduced me to the notion of 'vlogging' this morning as a matter of fact...He told me about this guy; Ray William Johnson, who has a 'vlog' that is absolutely hilarious! -- It's called "Equals Three" and, according to youtube, his channel is ranked the 71st 'most subscribed of all time'.

Wow, that's pretty impressive Ray William Johnson! Pretty impressive indeed...

Dude is HILARIOUS, and very talented. (He must be a former Cre Commer...Right?! haha)

But seriously; "vlogging"...We should consider trying it.

(Before I try vlogging though, I think I need to work on my social skills and gain a personality outside the realm of my comfort zone. Most of my Cre Comm friends and instructors wouldn't know it, but I am actually quite hilarious and boisterous around my family and outside-Cre-Comm-friends...No really I am...Honest.)

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  1. You are absolutely right. In fact, it occurred to me that someone could pitch this instead of doing a regular blog. I'd go for it!