Saturday, September 19, 2009

W -- Working on Weekends...

Another Weekend, and thus begins my "work week"...

I haven't decided whether the week (while I am at school) is my "down time", or the weekend (when I go to work) is...

My job is not overly hard, but it's tiring. (10.5 hour work days...eek!)

Ah well, it's all for the greater good right!? -- I am going to school so that I can have a career (that will likely be equally as tiring, with the same kind of pay scale...I think) But, the point is, hopefully I will love my career!

I better go, I don't want to be late...

Update: Not sure if I should get a medal/gold star for this or not, but I'm the only one who showed up for my shift-time...There were three sick calls today!! Count 'em, THREE!!!


  1. Dontcha hate covering for sick people? Especially when 50 per cent of all sick calls are bogus!

    Another classic for you: Loverboy, "Everybody's workin' for the weekend, everybody wants a second chance...whoa, whoa."

  2. How about the Hip....My Music at Work?

  3. Kenton: Good job on the loverboy suggestion...That song fits perfectly!! Also, is it ONLY 50% of people who call in sick doing it bogusly? That estimation is a little low if you ask me...A little low indeed...

    Lee: There is always room in my heart for the Hip!

    Is "Bogusly" a word?!

  4. I hate when people show up hacking and sneezing and just generally spreading their germs all over people. Those are the kind of people that when you ask "Why didn't you just stay home?" answer with something like, "And waste one of my sick days? I'm saving them for a nice day."

    It drives me crazy when people treat sick days as part of their holidays. As someone who has rarely taken a sick day it really bugs me. Work ethic is becoming a lost art, like respect, loyalty, and selflessness. That's downright sad.

  5. They have actually implimented a program at my work (The Attendance Management Progam) to monitor the cronic sick callers...

    It's almost like a "treatment program" (for those who reform their ways, and stop calling in sick all the time...For others, it is like an extended hallway 'out the door' so to speak...)

    They monitor people's absenteeism percentages, and there are four "steps" of the program.

    Right now my absenteeism percentage for the year is 0%. I am determined to make it stay that way...Even though it would be nice to take advantage of my "sick time" and enjoy the weather...I just can't bring myself to do it.

  6. Who gets perfect attendance nowadays anyway?....oh yeah....I do!