Friday, September 11, 2009


I have writers block today.

Watching "Super Nanny" didn't help. Although it did make me think and be thankful for my life choices.

Time to study my grammar for a test a test I have on Monday..Hopefully that will inspire some creativity!

P.S. Is there one 'S' or two in "visitator"?!

(The sigh is one I saw in a parking lot in the Village. It made me smile...)


  1. lol @ "visitator".... where is this? I have never seen it before!

  2. Great sign! I'll have to go for a walk and check that one out.

    Think of a new name for your blog yet? A couple thoughts- keeping in mind that first idea is worst idea (has Kenton taught you guys that yet?)

    These are completely random also, so be warned.

    The Reincarnation of Cool
    Third One From the Left
    Full Moon, Halfway Home, and Empty Arms
    Shelley Sings the Sinatra Songbook

    Good luck with your blog. Enjoy your weekend while you still have one. There's fewer of them the further you get in CreComm.