Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 kilometres of OH MY GOODNESS!!

A couple years ago, inspired a great deal by one of my good friends who ran both the full and the half Manitoba Marathon, I made a promise to myself (and to him) that I too would one day partake in the magic that is the Manitoba Marathon.

Fastforward to late last year, when my friend (with whom I will ad is quite the tyrant when it comes to marathon training) called me out on my previous whimsacle promise. -- It was late December, and my friend (the tyrant) told me that marathon training started in January, so I better get ready!

I initially scoffed at the notion of actually running in a real live marathon, but after a great deal of convincing (or, what I like to call "fantastic manipulation tactics"), I finally relented, and agreed that 2009 would be the year that I would run the half Manitoba Marathon.

I trained hard in the first month-and-a-half of 2009, going to the gym almost every night. My claves became rock-hard, and I developed quite the endurance!! However, I relapsed into my non-running ways after a week-long trip to Vancouver in February. (I had the greatest intentions to run while I was there...But dowtown Vancouver swallowed me whole, and I was far too enamoured to break free from it's spell.)

I didn't get back into a regular running routine until about a month (maybe a month-and-a-half) before the Marathon, and as a result my time and my knee paid the price.

(I still completed the marathon, and did a damn good job considering that I injured myself at mile four...But, my goal for the next Manitoba Marathon is to beat my 2009 time.)

Tomorrow, I am signed up to run a 10 kilometre in Treherne. -- I am not at all prepared for this run, and am scared out of my wits!! But, I booked the day off of work, and paid my entry fee (and the tyrant is driving me), so there is no backing down now.

I should have learned after this year, that I need to train better before I involve myself in these kind of events...

What the hell was I thinking?!?!

Oh yeah, now I remember...

I decided to tell all my friends (two of whom signed up for the Treherne Marathon) that I was going to run this thing, right after I crossed the finish line of my first ever half marathon in June!  (At that time I was drunk on endorphans, and had that "marathon feeling"...My state of mind was similar to that of someone who got into their parents liqour cabinet or something...) I wasn't being logical, planning to run a race during a time that I knew I wouldn't have time to train! Seriously, my decision making skills at that time
were compromised!


I guess I should go to bed now. the tyrant is picking me up early, and I have to wear spandex tomorrow...This isn't going to be pretty!


  1. Seriously, good for you! Running a marathon is an epic accomplishment. We should run together sometime!

  2. Turned out OK didn't it? Geez....I'm a motivator...not a tyrant.

  3. Kenton: Thank you!

    Cindy: Thank you, and as soon as my knee is better, I would love to run together!!

    Lee: Sorry, you're the best marathon partner that a girl could ask for...You're only a tyrant sometimes... ;)