Thursday, September 10, 2009

My kinda class...

Well here I am, in PR class, blogging!

I never thought the day would come that I would be told to blog in class; this is unreal!

I have already been blogging for about a hundred years, so I know what I am doing...But since I am writing on this blog for a class -- a Cre Comm class at that -- I am nervous and already trying to hard to be clever and witty.

I am supposed to find a focus for my blog (This is a concept that I am new to, as all of my previous blogs have been all over the map!!) I am contemplating just writing about my life:

Single 30-year-old Cre Comm student who works part time (for a government corporation that I would rather not mention), and attempts to have somewhat of a social life...

Is that lame? Too personal? Not professional enough?...

Though the concept sounds kind of "boring" (who cares about my life?! Really...Who cares?!) But my life -- as a student, a part-time *** employee, single 30-year-old, and all around kooky kinda gal -- is rather ironic and sometimes hilarious.
Ah well, we shall see what comes out of this brain of mine...


  1. Everyone cares! Ha, ha!

    It's my kind of class to. You blog, I read your blog. Everybody wins!

  2. What a catchy name... Shelley C.

  3. damn I wonder if they will let me get away with this for law class. Hope you're doing well Shelley. We'll have to grab carla one day and have coffee!

  4. I love it! Blog more please

  5. You realize of course that every famous entertainment staple or show was essentially based on exactly the same thing, right? And you are even far more interesting than that!
    Love ya babe~good luck with everything!!! CALL ME ON MY HOME NUMBER SOMETIME!!!

  6. Sounds like a neat course. You are already off to a great start.