Sunday, September 16, 2012

The single gal's thoughts on boys and spaghetti...

I was making myself some spaghetti for dinner tonight; something I don’t do very often, as I’m usually the extra place-setting at somebody else’s dinner table, or if I’m not, I usually eat toast and anything not rotten and easy in my fridge. (Usually that is wine, diet Pepsi and maybe some kind of fruit...) 

So, back to the story: I was making spaghetti, and I pulled out this big pot that I never use. (Seriously, I don’t cook.) Instantly it reminded me of the guy I dated before the last guy; probably because he was the last person to actually use that big pot (three plus years ago) when he would cook us dinner.

I started to get all wistful and think of the short, immature relationship that ex-boyfriend (We’ll call him The DJ for the sake of not using real names...) and I had. 

Awwwe, I miss The DJ, I wonder what he’s doing?” I thought to myself as I poured spaghetti sauce into the big pot. 

I came up with the bright idea that I should send him a message on Facebook or something, just to see what he’s up to, but quickly realized what I was doing: I don’t really miss The DJ. (No offence DJ, you’re cool, and I actually like you.) But, the only reason I even thought about The DJ is because I’m single, and I’m cooking myself a giant batch of spaghetti that I’ll never finish whilst imagining how great a night everyone else in the world, including The DJ, is having.

It’s a good thing I don’t have internet. Message aborted.

I got to thinking about the life of a single gal, and how hilarious it can be. -- I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hesitated putting this online for fear the the most recent ex will stumble upon it and laugh at me (or worse, feel sorry for me) for how much of a “train wreck” my life seems to be right now, considering that he’s happier than happy with the replacement. But, meh, it’s funny and I don’t really care (that much) what that guy thinks of me. 

Being single is funny. It can be awesome and pathetic all in the span of five minutes. While cooking for one, or trying to find something to do can be a challenge at times, the thoughts and experiences of that single gal life is hilarious.

It’s Sunday night, who wants to drink a bottle of wine? Anyone? Hello?...

My single girlfriends can probably attest to these awkward single gal moments when you Facebook creep the ex-boyfriends that don’t really have an emotional hold on you anymore, or when you think it would be a good idea to reach out, and establish contact. 

“What’s a little poke between former lovers? Maybe a text, just to see how he’s doing?!”

For the record, this is mostly never a good idea. The past is the past. 

I ate my spaghetti and laughed at myself for even thinking about messaging The DJ. (He’s the guy who told me he didn’t believe in love about six months into our relationship. I kinda figured, at that point, it wasn’t going to work...) I can only imagine that he is happy and wouldn’t even know how to respond (if at all) to an out of the blue message from me. 

Um, awkward. 

Ah well, There’s no real moral to the story. Rather, it’s just a glimpse into the way we (single girls) think sometimes. Most of us would never admit this to anyone, except maybe the girls over a couple glasses of wine, while we’re all taking turns one-upping each other on our most pathetic and humbling moments. (It’s a girl thing) But, this is the stuff that most of us pretend we’re better then. We’re not, we all do it. It’s funny. Own it.

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