Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stop killing the language.

You know what drives me bonkers? When people abbreviate words -- especially simple ones -- when they write, type or text.


Wht R U doin 2day? (Translation: What are you doing today?)

Arrrgh. This blatant disregard of the English language really, really, REALLY annoys me; it literally makes me want to scratch my own eyes out with a corner of the worlds biggest dictionary, because it just seems so wrong.

However I am a hypocrite because in some cases I do this too. (Ugh, I can't help it, this new variation of the English language is bigger than me.) I mean, I try my hardest not to butcher the language; I rarely ever use a mere letter instead of an actual word nor do I replace words with numbers. I try to use all vowels, even incorporating the extra 'u' for the Canadian spellings of words like colour and favourite...but alas, when I am in a pinch, or using my Twitter account, sometimes I can't help but shorten my words.

Let's make a stand and make a commitment to stop killing the English language. Seriously. Let's all start using vowels and real words again...

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