Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making a horrific story readable...

Most Manitoba people know the story of five-year-old Phoenix Sinclair; the little girl who was tortured and eventually murdered by her mom and step-father. (For those of you who have not heard this story, it is an extremely sand and tragic one that will literally hurt your heart.)

The reporters that were assigned to this story must have been emotionally wiped, after hearing the horrendous details of Phoenix's short life throughout the widely publicized trial. -- I can't imagine having to sit through days and days of testimony describing the torture and killing of an innocent five-year-old.

I just can't.

Often, we as the the consumers of media fail to realize how taxing aspects of a reporters job are. We'll nit-pick over details of a story, or look for spelling mistakes and errors, but usually fail to realize the more important aspects of the job like story delivery in a way that is detailed yet toned down enough to read over breakfast in the morning.

Kudos to good reporters out there.

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  1. I couldn't imagine having to report a story like this. I am sure that you will feel the same way as facts start to roll out in your missing women project.