Monday, July 5, 2010

The End: I completed the challenge.

Well, I logged onto Facebook today. It was rather anticlimactic, and I plan to impose new rules on myself (I am not allowed to become a Facebook zombie!) This morning when I logged on I checked my notifications, replied to two messages and said hello to an online friend. Then, I logged off. It was short, sweet, and like I already said anticlimactic.

I didn't miss Facebook as much as I thought I would during my week-long hiatus. Sure, I logged back on almost instantly, but unlike before, I actually looked and left. (Before I had the tendency to creep extensively, until I wound up looking at my friend Jane Doe's cousin's friend's brother's wife's baby shower pictures. It was dumb.) I hope to be more conscious of my time from now on. (Seriously, I don't even like looking at countless pictures of people I don't know. Perhaps one picture will suffice for curiosity sake if I've heard about them, but looking at entire albums is ridiculous!)

This week I am on a mini-vacation, so I won't have to worry about logging onto Facebook. I'll be out at the lake, and there is no wireless internet to "borrow" this year, so I'll be offline for a few days anyway. It'll be good.

One thing that I didn't do is make my "to do" list (of things that I needed to accomplish before I logged back onto Facebook.) I need to get on that, and perhaps just extend the list to be a "Things I would like accomplish this summer." (1. Maintain my 10k training. 2. go through my things and get rid of a lot of stuff! 3. volunteer as much as I can...)

Ahhh, I dunno.

I better get on with my day, duty calls.

Cheers friends.


  1. I thought it might be an interesting experiment for all CreComm students and instructors to stay offline for a week. Let's make it spring break, just so that we don't miss anything important. Deal?

  2. I have traditionally made myself a "to do" list for my summer vacations in the past. It helps me get things done and not feel like I wasted the summer.