Thursday, May 20, 2010

Helping Harvest Help Others...

My niece Kennedy, the youngest Harvest volunteer, when she was four months old, 2008.

Winnipeg Harvest is in dire need of money and non-perishable food items. Harvest, the main vein for food assistance in Manitoba, is tapped out and they need our help to ensure that they can assist the over 40,000 people -- with half of them being kids under the age of 18 -- that rely on them each month. (A note of interest for people who may not be familliar with Harvest: They operate independent of government funding! Yep, pretty astounding when you think that they feed so many people...)

Please drop off your non-perishables to the following locations:

Winnipeg Harvest: 1065 Winnipeg Avenue
Any Safeway Location: Safeway will match all food donations!
Boston Pizza:
Rona: Top up your bill, or bring in some food!

Or, if I know you, call me and I will glady come and pick up the food and drop it off for you!

Harvest needs us! (Remember folks, when you need them they will be there for you regardless, so now that they they need us it's time to give back!)

Above: Me and my Harvest Homeboy's David Northcott & Gary McGhee (Volunteer Coordinator) at the 2008 Manitoba Lotteries Volunteer Recognition Night.

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  1. I'll try to get my Editing Print & Online Media class to bring something on Thursday!