Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A few days ago human remains were discovered in a bush near Ste. Anne Manitoba. -- A skull, among other bones...I can't imagine what the families of all the missing women and men are thinking right now; bracing themselves for the worst, yet perhaps hoping to finally have some answers about their loved one?

I can only imagine the waiting game that these people are forced to endure.

There is a lot of speculation that these bones could belong to Christine Jack, the mother of two who went missing in 1988. (Her husband Brian Jack was tried for murder three times, but was eventually let go by the Supreme Court of Canada.) Jack's body has never been found, but based on witness sightings of her car in that area in 1988, search efforts were concentrated near Ste. Anne, where these bones were recently discovered.

It is possible that these bones could have surfaced from an old burial ground, or that they belong to someone other than Jack. Perhaps the autopsy that was performed yesterday will come up inconclusive, and the bones will never be identified.

Right now they are only bones, and they have no name.

I feel horrible for the families that have to sit and wait, wondering if their loved one has finally been found. I truly can't imagine how it must feel. I think the only solace in this kind of tragedy would be to finally know where your loved one is, and to be able to lay them to rest respectfully.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these victims today, and with the victims themselves.

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