Monday, January 4, 2010

A night off...

Well, school started today, but I took a night off from everything, and just vegged.

I watched the Bachelor, Conveyor Belt of Love and an expose on cheerleading, and the hazards of being a cheerleader. (I'm pretty sure I dodge that bullet...)

I'm totally ashamed of the garbage TV that I watched. I think I actually got dumber.

But to be fair, I have been working hard all Christmas break, and feel entitled to a night of absolute rubbish.

I'm going to bed now; here's to another intense semester!


  1. I read somewhere else that someone had watched Conveyor Belt of Love, but I thought they were kidding! It's a real show?! Let's have a review! :o)

  2. Garbage TV can be good for the mind... Glad you enjoyed your vegging... You deserve a vegging night every once in awhile