Thursday, December 3, 2009

T, Tiger, Tiger

Oh Tiger, Tiger, Tiger...

Squeaky clean golfer Tiger Woods has been caught with his pants down, so to speak.

Last week US Weekly broke the story about Woods having an affair with a 24-year old cocktail waitress, and now the media frenzy surrounding Woods is a complete gong show! (Do you expect anything less?!)

Since the story broke, Woods has gotten into a single-vehicle car accident, with his wife smashing in the windows of his Escalade; text messages and a voicemail that he sent to his 24-year mistress leaked to the media; and a number of other women who have come out of the woodwork claiming that they have also had an affair with him. (last time I checked, there were three.)

The thing that gets me is how shocked and surprised everybody seems to be about this; call me crazy, but the guy is a fairly good-looking billionaire, who, although he is married, likely has millions of hot women throwing themselves at him every day?!

I'm not trying to justify his behaviour, but logically speaking, most people -- including "squeaky clean celebs" -- are only as faithful as their opportunities. (Woods is like the proverbial kid in a candy store, who bought the kit-kat, but could afford to buy the whole damn store...)

I dunno.

I know that he is a public figure, who has managed (until recently) to maintain a very good image within the media; but he got caught doing something he shouldn't have, and now everybody is taking every opportunity to persecute him.

The guy is probably paying the heftiest punishment at home. -- If I were his wife, I don't even know what I would do. (It's too bad she has to be scorned in such a public light.)


  1. I'm not surprised that she chased him out of the house with a golf club... I would probably do much much worse.

    Tisk tisk Mr. Woods...

  2. But on the lighter side......why wouldn't millions of women be interested in a billionaire with the name "Woods" and nicknamed "Tiger"?

    Sex and money sells.

  3. Sex sells.... and It will be interesting to see how Ford or any one of his other sponsors with big marketing executives turn this around.