Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I'm pretty sure that I am too scared to sleep now. (I guess that's not a bad thing, as I have so many assignments due tomorrow...But shucks; I was going to take a nap before the big all-nighter!!)
I just happened to have the TV on the History channel tonight; and low and behold there is a TV show about Nostradamus.

Oh shit.

Now normally I am pretty brave, and don't buy into all this stuff. However, I am alone in my apartment, my front light is burned out, and I am starting to over-think everything that these people from the History channel are feeding me. (Doesn't help that the smooth, scary voice of the narrator is the kind of voice that is going to narrate my nightmares tonight!!)


These "researchers" and "specialists" are creeping me out too, explaining how messed up people are now-a-days, and how we're ruining the planet, and running out of food...etc, etc, etc.

I hate when I get freaked out over stupid TV shows; it takes me back to when I was a kid, and I was scared to death of Unsolved Mysteries, and even more scared of the host, Robert Stack! (Seriously, I was so scared of Unsolved Mysteries, but at the same time I was so friggin intrigued. -- I used to beg my mom to let me watch it, even though she and I both knew that I was going to be terrified at bed time...)

That creepy theme song still resounds in my head, and every time I think of it I can picture a stoic Robert Stack appearing from around a corner in some foggy back ally, wearing his trench coat and staring at me with his piercing eyes...


I can't decide what scared me more; the reenactments of the aliens abducting people (I slept with my light on for years!!) Or, the people who wanted to hide their identity, and talked behind a mysterious shadow with that really creepy voice disguise thing...

That settles it, I am never sleeping again.

I am pretty sure that after tonight, I am never allowed to watch TV ever again.


  1. I used to do the same thing with Unsolved Mysteries. Watch it and then get nightmares and think about what I had just watched and think that the bad guys or ghosts would come out of the dark corners of my room.

  2. Robert Stack still haunts my dreams.