Friday, November 20, 2009

M, Mac Book Pro...I love you.

So I went out, and I bought myself a Mac Book Pro the other day.

I am already really, really happy with it.

The damn thing cost me an arm and a leg, but I think that it is a good investment, as I use my computer on a daily basis, and it is crucial for the career path that I want to take. (Plus, I am already having so much fun with the photo booth application; check out the picture of me in the clouds...How awesome is that?!)

I still have my old Toshiba, which I plan on getting fixed incase I need a backup, but I cannot begin to explain how great not having to deal with Vista is...


  1. The picture looks like it was snapped while you were in the middle of a rap battle "spittin" some sort of game? Ugh...I'm so out of touch.


  2. That's OK, I am super out of touch too...

  3. You need the tools of the trade. Nothing more frustrating that trying to work with a computer that doesn't work. Enjoy your Mac Book!