Tuesday, November 17, 2009

H, Humiliating!

Well this is pretty darn traumatic...

So today I am sitting in my electronic style and editing class, there's only minutes left until home-time, and low and behold my phone rings...

I thought I turned the damn thing down to silent.

I didn't.

All of a sudden my phone, the little pink razor that my friend Sunny gave me, starts blasting former tween-idol Avril Lavigne.

"You make me so hot...You make me wanna..." -- I don't even know the rest of the damn song...Ugh!

So my phone is blasting this offensive Avril Lavigne song, and I am frantically scrambling to find it in the big abyss of a bag that I carry, and the whole room just stops...

*A hush falls over the crowd*

At this point I am getting hot, and not in the Avril Lavigne sorta way. My cheeks are burning, and I can only imagine that the look on my face is one of pure and utter horror.

I can't find my phone, and it is still ringing...

Where the hell is it? Why won't it stop? I just want to die.

And then I finally find it, press the ignore button, and look up to see all eyes on me...

Oh Dear God.

Laughter erupts in the room, and I can't even help myself from laughing as well, because there honestly couldn't have been a more lame ring tone on my out-dated phone.

"It's not mine!" I say, trying to clear my name of this shame. "My friend gave it to me..."


I shamefully walk out of the room (still laughing mind you) and I try in vain to explain myself to anybody who will listen...

"Uh-huh..." they all say. "Suuuure..."


Stupid Avril Lavigne!

The worst part of this whole fiasco is that not only did I embarrass myself in the middle of class, but I probably lost my professionalism marks while doing it.

Today was just not my day.


  1. Jerk... (person who called you).

  2. hahah this was the highlight of our day

  3. I don't think your professionalism marks were damaged, because it was too funny for anyone to shake their head in shame at you!

  4. Perhaps you can offset the unprofessionalism by changing the ring tone to a news bulletin type sound....then let it ring in class.

  5. H, is also for hilarity too bad your dignity was the price for it