Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted.

They were kidding when they said that Cre Comm was going to be intense, wow!

I am working on two assignments right now; an article for the Projector, and a personality profile for my Journalism class. (well, not the actual personality profile, rather the assignment is a memo to my Journalism instructor requesting to write a personality profile about someone. The personality profile comes later...)

I still haven't found someone to do the personality profile on! (I've got a couple of e-mails into my contacts, and am awaiting replies from them...I figure I won't start panicking until about midnight...)

Anyhow, School. INSANITY!

I failed my first journalism assignment yesterday because of a spelling error! (My friends in section 3 consoled me by telling me that everyone in Cre Comm fails something, but as grateful as I am to my friends for the pep talk, I am still disappointed in my careless mistake. -- I spelled "lightning" wrong! How could I spell lightning wrong!??! At least if my error was a difficult word like "gubernatorial" or "schizophrenic" I think I would be more comfortable with my F...)

It's strange how strict this program is; it's like military training camp for the creative...(Awwe, I can totally picture Kenton and Steve in their cammo-gear...How adorable is that!?)

Spelling error = automatic fail.

Aside from school, I am excited that my sister will be coming in for Thanksgiving!

I had to book time off from work to make sure that our visit was more than just passing one another in the hallway of my parents condo. (Seriously...I think her last visit was probably like that...)

I am so excited that she is coming home; the Cook girls are going to reunite!! And, as an added bonus, I get an extra day off on Monday!

How fantastic is that!?

I already have big plans for when CJ comes home; they include ice cream, wearing sweat pants, and watching girly movies! (Maybe we'll even invest in some face masks if we decide to get fancy!!)

Ahh life is so chaotic right now, but to be perfectly honest; I am so happy about how it's all going!!


  1. wow, I laughed out loud about the camo gear! that would be pretty sweat. It is like boot camp, but in a good way. I failed my PR assignment for spelling something in lowercase letters. I'm disappointed too, but it's my own fault, which makes it even worse! I'm sure everyones failed at least once, don't let it get you down!

  2. oops.. there I go again. I meant to say that would be pretty 'sweet.' typo. F.

  3. Shelley....did you mean to write weren't kidding insted of were kidding?