Monday, September 28, 2009

L - Lucky...

I am so exhausted, so this is going to be a short post...

Today Associate Winnipeg Free Press Editor Steve Pona called me to tell me that I was the recipient of the Winnipeg Free Press John W. Dafoe Free Press Scholarship!

I am so excited!

The Scholarship includes $650, and a newsroom internship at the Winnipeg Free Press during Christmas Break:

"Our internships are known across Canada for being personally and professionally rewarding. Interns get invaluable experience in both our print and web operations, and come away with a portfolio of published material. You'll also connect with Free Press journalists who can mentor you through the remainder of your school year."

I feel extremely lucky!


  1. Congratulations Shelley! I know you'll do great.

  2. Way to go Shelley! You really must be a great writer if you keep winning these awards. Now you get an internship too!

    I have always found your blogs and writings very well written.


  3. Congratulations Shelley, that's awesome!

  4. yaaaaay shelly!!!! its not luck, you deserve it!

  5. Way to go Shelley!!!! See, all that hard work (and natural talent) is paying off.