Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#GoodbyeGallbladder the post-op update

I just woke up with stabbing pains where my gallbladder used to be.


Today is my fourth day of being gallbladder free. After nearly nine months of agony, I finally had a laparoscopic procedure to remove my gallbladder last Friday.

While I'm glad that the faulty organ is gone, I'm surprised as how uncomfortable my recovery has been.

I have staples in my stomach, bruising around my wounds, and gas in my joints. I walk slowly and hunched over, and I nearly die when I'm a passenger of a car that hits a bump or a pothole.

At the risk of sounding naive, I didn't expect the aftermath to hurt as much as it does. In fact, I envisioned myself picking up right where I left off on Friday morning, before I headed to Grace Hospital for my "day surgery."

I thought taking a week off of work was being generous.

I waited so long for this procedure that I forgot to take into account that I would require healing time. Nothing, I thought, could be more painful than the nasty gallbladder attacks that I had grown somewhat accustomed to during the extended wait. This part was supposed to be smooth sailing.

Every single person who shared their experience having their gallbladder removed expressed how much relief this procedure brought them. Most told me that they were back to normal sooner than later. While it's only been a couple of days for me; and I am getting better every day, sans this stabbing setback that woke me up this morning, I just thought I'd be back to normal at this point.

I have taken up residence at my mom and dad's place since I had my surgery. I feel like a teenager again; reliant on mom and dad for everything. I don't even have my car right now, but I'm OK with that. I don't feel like going anywhere anyway; I feel and look like I've been through the ringer, and I have been wearing different variations of pyjamas since I've been here.

All of my complaining aside, I'm glad this procedure is far less invasive than it used to be. Back in the day, my mom told me they would have to cut a person extensively to remove the toxic organ. Recovery time was a lot longer, and far more painful. I'm lucky.

For the non-squeamish, here is a picture of my post-surgery torso. It looks gross, but ironically, one of the most painful and uncomfortable aspects of this process is probably the carbon gas that they pumped into me, that has settled into my body.

If you've ever had gas in your shoulder, you understand how uncomfortable that can be!

Belly button. Makes me want to barf.
Thanks for all the well wishes; I'm excited to heal and not have to worry about my darn gallbladder anymore! Most of all, I'm excited to get back to the gym!

Bloated. Bruised. Broken.


  1. Hi Shelly it's Susan. I'm glad it went well. Remember 12 years ago you spent two days here taking care of all my children when I had my gallbladder out? What ticked me off was that I was home that evening and the doctor told me they only kept men in over night due to the pain! You were terrific and the best sitter for Aaliyah. Look after yourself.

  2. Your wound is looking better than it did. You are healing....relax and enjoy the down time.

  3. Exactly what anon said-relax and enjoy your downtime to the full extent you can. You'll be up and out and about in no time, for now, lounge around in pjs, watch horrible daytime tv or netflix, and ring a little bell every time you need something. <3

  4. Can I have your gall bladder to make a flask out of it for Bomber games?

  5. Shelley....you have some "gall", posting a blog topic like this. However, I hope you feel "bladder". Ha! ha! P.S. I would use your gall bladder as a pouch to keep my tobacco fresh.

  6. I would inflate Shelley's gall bladder and use it as a beach ball! Fun! fun! fun!

  7. I would take Shelley's Gall stones and make a necklace out of it, and sell it on Ebay.

  8. Alright...I'm in on this one. How about making Haggus from Shelley's gall bladder? Fill it up with stuffing, vegetables, a little garlic, cook at 350 for about an hour, yummy!

  9. You sick anonymous bastards. You can't have Shelly's gall bladder because someone from catering where she works, at MSSC beat you people to it.

  10. Hey? what if you put Shelley's gallstones in a microwave? Do you think you would get Shelly pop corn from it?.....Sorry, I tried...

  11. No that won't work. The Gallstones would probably melt, and it would smell like ear wax. However whenever I see the necklace that Wilma Flintstone wears all the time, I will now think that they came from Shelley's gall stones.

  12. If Shelly ever has a historectomy, can I have the uterus to make a bagpipe out of it?

  13. am going through this right at this very moment, feel like I have been run over by a steam roller