Tuesday, April 16, 2013



It’s hard to understand tragedy like the attack at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

Violence and terrorism happen all over the world, but, like many, I am sheltered from the bloodshed and fear that grips entire communities when they acts are carried out. I see glimpses on TV, or read about it online, but I have always been far enough away from the destruction that it seems like I am in a whole other world.

I have been privileged with safety and peace thus far in my life. Something I often take for granted.

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know enough about the emotion or politics behind these hateful acts. I can’t understand what would make people and groups carry out such merciless and cowardly attacks on innocent people.

Details are still coming out about the Boston bombing, so far there have been three lives lost and nearly 150 people seriously injured. Outside of the physically scarred, there are countless people whose lives have been forever changed. This bombing has instilled a great sense of fear in people; it has shattered a part of their belief in humanity.

Yet, out of tragedies like these, heroes emerge.

SOURCE/ UK Telegraph
Yesterday, as I scoured the breaking news stories, I read about marathoners who continued to run from the finish line to the hospital to donate blood. I saw images of people carrying others out of the chaos. There was footage of people, tending to the wounded on the blood stained sidewalks...

And while the world watched, there was a tremendous outpour of grief and support from people outside of the chaos; horrified at the tragedy unfolding in front of them.

There is no sense to what happened in Boston yesterday. There is no sense to this type of carnage and violence that happens all over the world. This is the purest form of cowardice and evil carried out by people who, for lack of a better term, are just bad people.

The world is sprinkled with bad people who will terrorize innocents, and carry out attacks such as yesterday’s bombing, but they are few in comparison to the majority of the population. In times like these, when we question humanity and the world around us, it’s the heroes and the innocents we need to remember.

My heart goes out to the people of Boston. It goes out to all people affected by this kind of violence.

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