Friday, February 8, 2013

For Amma

When your heart grows heavy and your memories fade, 
When simple becomes hard and you are afraid,

I will be there.

When hope is lost, and hurt intervenes,
When your whole life becomes a set of scattered scenes,

I will be there.

You can't escape this demon, it will eat you whole, 
but the ray of light inside you will encapsulate your soul.
Confusion has become a staple in your life,
With a hand upon your shoulder we will get you through this strife.

When your mind starts to vanish and you forget who we are,
When frustration gets the best of you, and reality seems too far, 

When your feelings make no sense, and you've had too much to take,
When your tears fall like bombs, and your heart begins to break,

When your day hands you nothing but forgetfulness and despair,

You are not alone.

I will be there.

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