Thursday, June 16, 2011

a little bit of stuff...

I don't even remember the last time I was this bad at blogging.

Nearly a month has gone by since my last blog post, which was also infrequent. A lot has happened, yet I feel like I have nothing to say. (Bizarre, I know.)

So I'm finally a paid journalist now.

I've been working a summer gig in Portage, at its paper(s). The work is good, but a lot harder than I imagined it would be. (Seriously, I didn't peg community-based news to be so difficult to write, but it is! It's a whole new element to what I've learned in CreComm, but, every day is a learning experience, and I've learned a lot from this gig already... Sometimes it seems like I still haven't learned it all yet, and I get frustrated with myself– it's tough to jump head first into something you know absolutely nothing about, especially when you're supposed to be so good at what you do... I imagine this is how it feels to start at any new job.)

Anyway, the gig is good, the people are nice, and I am certainly learning a lot.

Life has been very good to me as of late, I really should start blogging more so I can tell you all about it. While I'm at it, maybe I should brag and name drop a little. (I'm mostly kidding. I don't really have anything to brag about. hahaha)


This is just getting uncomfortable.

Let's just call this the awkward post to break the ice. Now that I've broken the ice, I promise that I will start blogging on a more consistent basis from now on. I swear. (I like how I'm actually writing this post as though I am writing to masses of devastated people who actually read my blog. I mean, I know my mom probably misses being in the blog loop, but for the love of Roxy, I have to remember to remind myself that I'm not famous, and that a mass of people don't read my blog. Sometimes I forget. No really, I do...)

Anyway, life is good, but I am still insanely busy. (I thought that was supposed to stop after CreComm was over? Like, I graduated. I'm supposed to be travelling down easy street, making buckets of money, with the rest of the CreComm mafia. Aren't I?! Aren't the rest of you travelling down easy street, making buckets of cash?! No? Oh...) Ugh.

Either way, this journey has begun...

I'll blog more soon readers (AKA Mom.)



  1. Keep learning... and when people learn that their own reactions to the circumstances in life can make things difficult OR good... that's when easy street begins...

  2. You're doing great, the begining of anything is always hard.