Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When NOT to edit yourself.

So yesterday, when I found out that Marty Gold's show had been pulled from 92.9 KICK FM, I tweeted that I was happy about it, broke the news on my Facebook status message and then I wrote the previous blog post.

I didn't expect to get any feedback, especially from KICK's station manager, Rick Baverstock, but I did. I also heard from other people, who had an opinion on the situation. -- Many people, like me, were not sad to see Gold ejected from the anchor's chair, while many others have taken the news rather hard. There seemed to be very few people who were indifferent to the situation...

Either way, I got a little nervous about my posts when I discovered what a sensitive subject matter this was. It's apparent that Gold is liked, proof can be seen in the comment section of the post below (Of the four comments for yesterday's post, two were a testament to Gold and his show.) That being said, I am personally not a fan of Gold or the Great Canadian Talk Show.

I debated editing myself by taking down my blog post and any comments I made about Gold and his show, but then decided against it. -- I am entitled to my opinion, and it doesn't need to be popular, or shared by others. I do need to stand by it though, if I believe in it.

That being said, I hope that I didn't come across as offensive to Gold, because I don't want to kick him while he is down.

In writing my blog post, I tried to make sure not to offend Gold, or anyone else. My opinion still stands on the issue, though I can see validity in the opinions of the people who would like to see Gold return to KICK.

Either way, I'm fairly certain that I am done speaking about Gold and his termination...


  1. Thanks for the good posts, Shelley. I always appreciate strong alternative opinions (including Marty's.)

    :-) Keep up the great writing and don't be afraid to keep voicing your opinon!

  2. I've been saddened recently by a few comments from people who felt I was not entitled to my opinion, despite my positive experience being trained by Marty, and my experience of the fundraising and other things he did in the community. I don't intend to be silent either. I'll try to step on as few toes as possible, but thank you for inspiring me to talk about my side of the story, too. Good post, Shelley. :)