Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why, oh why do I do this to myself...

Just an FYI, I am never dating, or getting married to anyone unless I meet them in the most unrealistically whimsical way possible.

Guess I'm going to be alone, watching old Judy Garland movies and eating sweets for the rest of my life...

Oh wait, I guess I can always invest in a couple of feline friends! -- There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

To end, here is my new favourite song...I wonder if that guy's single!

For real though, I love this video...Chubby girls in pretty/sexy outfits dancing in sync and being called beautiful?! Sign me up! (Perhaps that's my true calling in life...)

Once, when I was walking down Spence St (on my way to university) some guy stopped me on the street and he said: "Big girl, you are beautiful!"

True story.

I was more offended than anything (Seriously, did you have to use the word big?! No, really?! Did you...) Ah well, this song more than makes up for it.


  1. Mika's song is clearly a tribute to the Queen song of a very similar name, "butt" for the part of the body it chooses to celebrate.

    Meet Me in St. Louis is an awesome film - makes you wish that life could be more like it.

  2. Big ctually means B.I.G. Beautiful, Intelligent, and Glamorous

  3. I agree with you about meeting someone unrealistically, but don't do the cat thing, you don't want to be the old lady with all the cats!