Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help Ace Burpee change the world!

Ace Burpee is at it again; the morning show host from HOT 103 FM has started a campaign to collect children's items for the Elmwood Day Nursery, which burned down Sunday night.

If you, or anyone you know has any children's items that you no longer use, or need, please contact Ace at ace@hot103live.com

Check out Ace's blog (or below) to find out more.

Project Elmwood is rolling!!!

Tue, 2010-05-11 16:13.
Ace Burpee
Project Elmwood is going to be massive. As CEO of Project Elmwood, I'd like to thank everyone who has stepped up so far. The plan is to fully re-stock the Elmwood Day Nursery which was torched Sunday night. We're going to do it all this weekend, Giveaway Weekend. It looks like I'll have a couple of vans lined up, now we just need you. If you weren't planning on participating in Giveaway Weekend, perhaps Project Elmwood will change your mind. What do you have that you could give away that may help in the re-stocking of a day care? Keep in mind they're starting with nothing, so everything is welcome. Little chairs, tables, books, toys, sporting equipment... you name it... we'll take it. E-mail me with details on what you've got, where you're at, and why you're awesome. The last part you can leave out. You qualify as awesome simply by helping out the Elmwood Day Nursery. My e-mail is ace@hot103live.com. PROJECT ELMWOOD 2010. Because we can, and will.

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