Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Amma - By Shelley Cook

For TV class our final project was to make a video montage. We could choose any song and subject to film, so I decided to film my Amma.

This montage took me about 30+ hours to create (You wouldn't think so, considering that it's only four minutes, and there is no trick filming!) But it did.

I spent an insane amount of time in Edit suite H (at school) cutting, clipping, editing, and piecing back together clips. I had just over 80 minutes of footage, but in the end, it was barely enough! (Seriously!)

I'm super happy with my montage though. It made my Amma cry when she saw it, and I really think it tells the story that I wanted to tell...



  1. Shelley, that was beautiful. You did very good work! The song choice was lovely, and very fitting by the way - I'd never heard it before!

  2. Amazing! I got a little choked up myself - knowing Amma - you portrayed her so well. I especially liked the close ups of her hands. Reminded me that she is a sculptor and that there is strength and beauty in her hands.

    What an amazing gift for your Amma!