Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CreComm: They'll take you to the depths of hell.

So I have one more 'test' left, and then school is pretty much done for the year. (This is both exciting, and nerve racking, as I am already experiencing fierce separation anxiety from my CreComm family...)

Let me tell you all a little something about CreComm; it's intense, incredibly challenging, and extremely stressful. I have never doubted myself and my abilities more, but on the same token, I have never worked harder and achieved so much either.

I guess a good metaphor for explaining what it's like would be this:

You get accepted into one of the best programs this city has to offer. You are excited, self assured, and probably boastful too. You literally think that you are the best, because this is a hard program to even get into, and you made it. You start your classes, with 25 other 'all-stars,' and it's like one-by-one the instructors take you by the hand and walk you into the depths of hell and give you exactly 10 minutes to get out. (Oh, and you have never been to hell before, so you have no idea how to get out, or what you're doing, but you've got to do it...)

This, my friends, is CreComm.

It sounds dismal, but I assure you it's not. (I mean, yes it's hard, and your first autofail will feel like somebody ripped out your soul, peed on it, and gave it back to you with a big fat F on it. But, it's par for the course in CreComm. -- In hindsight of all my autofails, were truly is the best way for me to learn never to make those mistakes again...)

One of the greatest things about CreComm is the people who are wandering around the depths of hell with you. Though this program, and industry is extremely competitive, your fellow CreCommer's are like your family, they know exactly what you're going through -- stress, excessive weight gain, sleep deprivation, depression, suicidal tendencies, etc. -- They're the ones who are going to talk you off that ledge when it all becomes too much. (And yes, you will do it for them. Even the toughest, smartest, best people get there, nobody is immune...)

You will spend evenings, weekends, mornings, and any spare moment you can muster in computer labs, the newsroom, edit suites. (You may as well get a locker, and put some spare clothes, snacks, and whatever else you need in there, Red River College will become your second home.) You will loath the security guards when they kick you out at midnight, and then scurry home, while still cursing them, to try and finish what you can, before taking a power nap, and returning in the morning to finish your work.

You will cry, and probably take bad marks personal. You will have your highest highs, and your lowest lows in CreComm, and you will learn to become bionic with your time management abilities. You will also see classmates drop out (much to your dismay) and probably threaten, or at least question your own fate in the program.

You will compare yourself with others, and it will probably hurt your self esteem, but you will get through it (perhaps after a pep talk from a friend, instructor, or family member...)

Yep, this is what CreComm is like.

It's one hell of a roller coaster ride, but it's awesome. (And that feeling of complete and utter awesomeness you had when you first got accepted into the program will return, except this time you will have 75 other people stroking your ego (about being the best) with you.)

I love you CreComm.

Here's Jess Chapman's montage (Added because it's just so CreComm!)

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