Tuesday, December 8, 2009

M, Mrs. Woods

Since the Tiger Woods scandal broke, more and more women have been coming out of the woodwork, claiming that they too have had an affair with the golfer.

Right now the mistress count is at eleven.

Eleven! -- Twelve if you include my friend Catherine, who claims that she is one of Tiger's ladies...


Though I still stand by my original Tiger Woods post (about him being like a kid in a candy store) I can't help but feel bad for his poor wife Elin, who has to confront this gigantic scandal head on, with pictures and firsthand accounts...

I dated a Winnipeg Tiger Woods once. (Well, except for being a billionaire golfer, this guy was a broke pothead; and he wasn't really anything like Tiger Woods except for the cheating aspect...But still!)

Anyways, I feel bad for poor Mrs. Woods because not only did her husband cheat on her (with numerous women), but now she is bombarded with the tell all accounts of many of these ladies. (Didn't anybody ever tell them that it wasn't lady-like to kiss and tell?!)

Elin, honey, I feel your pain!

I don't even have anything more to say about this...I am just curious to see how many more women come out of the woodwork...

Anybody feel like betting?

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  1. I don't understand why he hasn't made a public appearance on Oprah yet. From a public relations standpoint, him being silent is a huge hit to his reputation. Still think he's a major creep though.