Wednesday, December 2, 2009

H: Happy Retirement Mr. Earle

One of my supervisors, Dave Earle, has retired. -- I know that this doesn't really pertain to my blog, but in a sense it does.

You see, although my life is consumed by CreComm, I do still spend 21 hours of my week at work. -- Two days a week, at 10.5 hours each...It gets pretty brutal sometimes...

Anyhow, tonight I went to Dave's retirement party. Dave has been working for my corporation since 1994, and is essentially a fixture in the large crown corporation. (He has been there longer than many of the people who are running the show!)

When I first came into the department that I am in now, Dave and I were already friends. However, we quickly became "enemies" for about two-years, because he wouldn't take my shit. (Future employers, I assure you, I have changed!)

In the last three years, Dave and I have been quite close, and I am truly sad to see him go!

Good luck Mr. Earle, enjoy your retirement my friend!

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