Sunday, November 8, 2009

B, Bed...Oh how I miss you!

I'm cat/condo-sitting for mama and papa Cook this weekend, because those two crazy cats decided to head on down to Grand Forks...again.
I don't mind condo/cat-sitting for mom and dad, especially considering how much they do for me on a daily basis, but there is one thing that I hate about it...

I really, really miss my bed.

My luscious pillow-top and I are already experiencing a strain in our relationship, since I hardly find time to sleep (in it) for more than just a couple of hours at a time anymore. However, even though I don't sleep in my bed as much as I would like to, I can say with a high degree of certainty that I love my bed more than I love most people.

I miss you bed!!

Perhaps you think I am overreacting...

I can assure you, I am not.

You see, I lead an extremely busy life, and even though I don't sleep as much as I would like to (Or probably even as much as any health care provider would recommend...) most days the highlight of my entire day is knowing that I get to crawl into my big beautiful bed at night.

It's wonderful; I make a little nest out of my pillows, and then I snuggle in, get super-duper cozy, and sleep like a baby!!

It's like sleeping on a cloud...


Thank goodness my folks are coming home tomorrow, cause aside from the cat hating me for not paying enough attention to her, I am not sure I can take much more of their couch...

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