Thursday, October 8, 2009

U - Uncool man...Super uncool.

So yesterday I had to take my car to school. (I had an appointment before class, and didn't have time to drive home, drop my car off, and hop on a bus...)

Anyways, I took my car to school, and paid seven dollars to park it in this parking lot up the block from Red River. (Which is actually not even too bad, considering that I once parked in the parkade, and it cost me $12...)

After school, I offered my friend Maeghan a ride home, since she is always nice enough to offer me ride home when she brings her car. (Plus, she just lives a couple of blocks away from me, so even if she didn't always offer me rides, I'd be real jerk if I didn't offer, and made her take the bus...)

So we get into my car (which is an absolute mess!) and I start the ignition, not realizing that I have left my "for my ears only" CD in the CD player.

At first the songs on the CD are okay; nothing that I am embarrassed to admit listening to anyway, but as we keep driving, and the CD keeps laying, the songs start to get a little questionable...

Cheesy. Really, really cheesy.

By the time we are stuck in the downtown traffic by the MTS center, I realize that we are listening to this particular CD, and that I am not comfortable enough with myself to share my awkward musical tastes with her yet.

To my horror, the sugary lyrics of Leona Lewis' 'Better in Time' started to play.

"It's been the longest winter without you, I didn't know where to turn to..."

The song, a sappy little ditty about a girl trying to get over a guy, isn't a bad one really. However, it is something that is definitely worth making fun of me for, considering the extent of the song's mushy implications. (I would make fun of any of my friends for listening to it...)

Maeghan didn't even notice the song, since we were talking and all, but I ended up outing myself by quickly switching from CD to radio, and confessing my love for cheesy songs like this...


I am so embarrassed.

(And Maeghan didn't even care, but I am still so embarrassed!)

I know that I shouldn't care what others think about my peculiar musical taste, but just imagine that you are getting into your car with your new school friend, and Celine Dion, or Backstreet Boys (or something of that calibre) starts playing...


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