Saturday, October 3, 2009

S - Streeter.

It's 7:13 in the morning, and I am procrastinating.

Much to my dismay, I have to work today. (Hey, that rhymes!!) -- I don't hate my job or anything, but today feels like a day that staying in bed for most of the morning, and then catching up on laundry (and other chores) would be crucial!

I thought about calling in sick, but I just can't bring myself to do it. (One of my biggest pet peeves is people who call in sick when they're not...)

So instead, I am just procrastinating, until I absolutely have to get ready for work.

Yesterday we had our first "streeter" in journalism class. For those of you who are not familliar with what a streeter is, it is essentially this...

1. Steve Vogelsang says: "You'll have a streeter today"

2. We all groan, and begin to panic.

3. Steve gives us an outline of the assignment. (Topics that we can write about, word count of article (+/- 10%), a time limit, and some kind of warning of sorts; "Leave yourself enough time to write your article, it must be in by 10:50am, otherwise it's late...")

4. We all scramble out of the classroom, and desperately search for people walking, sitting, hanging around the downtown area to interview. (We need quotes, and at least two sources that are willing to give their first and last name!)

5. We (hopefully) get our story, and rush back to the classroom to write it.

6. Steve announces the time every so often, and many of us begin to panic even more.

7. A couple minutes to deadline, we all pile around the printer, many of us freaking out.

8. We (hopefully) hand in our stories, and pray that we have no misspelled anything.

9. We try to calm ourselves down, and (in my case anyway) start to feel this insane rush...

And that my friends is what a streeter is.

It was actually kind of fun (in hindsight), but holy cow, it was INTENSE!!

Okay, I have to get ready for work now...


  1. I'm going to start wandering around the campus so that someone will interview me. Maybe I will make up an amazing "fake" story.

  2. #8 - "no" misspelled anything?