Sunday, October 25, 2009

P - Procrastination: Everybody needs a play-by-play...

There is no time that I like Facebook more than when I am supposed to be doing my homework!
I am working on a personality profile that is due tomorrow at 8:00am, and I can't seem to stop changing my Facebook status what seems to be every ten seconds!

9:10:01 Shelley is working on her personality profile! :)

9:10:22 Shelley is getting a lot done!

9:10:47 Shelley thinks that it's time for a break!

9:11:07 Shelley is going to take a short nap, and come back to her personality profile soon!

4:37:01 Shelley is freaking out because she took a nap and needs to finish her personality profile!! OMG, it needs to be in Vogelsang's hands in less than 3 hours!!! AHHHHHHH...

(Okay so those aren't my actual status messages, but the night is young; I'm sure there is still a very good chance that a catastrophe could occur as the hours go on, and my Facebook status messages will indeed be a frantic train wreck waiting to happen!!)

I am not sure if I do this to myself because subconsciously I love the feeling of almost not making it, and having a mild heart attack on the bus while wearing no makeup. Or perhaps its the fact that I am simply forgetful of the last time (which was likely just days ago) that I was overly confidant in my writing ability and time management skills, only to kick myself for it in the end for just barely squeezing something out...Or maybe, just maybe I am lazy.

I'm not sure.

What I do know is that right now, I am trying to piece my Journalism assignment together with little apprehension, while periodically changing my status message so that everybody in my Facebook realm knows exactly what I am doing, and how I am feeling.

Somehow I feel that it is important that they know; they are after all deserving of the eight million status message changes I do on any given day, aren't they?!

(Narcissism at it's finest folks!)

But really, right now I ought to be doing my Personality profile, so that I can at least get a couple hours of shut-eye before I frantically run up to the third floor office at the Princess Street campus at 7:58 tomorrow morning...


Back to the ol' drawing board for me!


  1. lol, i know what you mean

  2. You show me a CreCommer that "doesn't procrastinate," and I'll show you a liar!
    (my apologies to people who actually don't procrastinate, I haven't met you yet!)

  3. I am the ultimate procrastinator. See..... it took me 12 days to comment.

    Nice post though Shelley.