Sunday, October 18, 2009

G - Go away Jon, Kate, Octo-mom, and everyone else that is trying to get rich by making a reality TV show...

I am so sick of Reality TV celebrity-mongers.

Jon and Kate; they just make me uncomfortable. -- I am both surprised, and not, to see all of the publicity that they are getting...

"Jon stole all my money"

"Kate and her backwards mullet were mean to me..."

"Jon stopped production of our show, and now my kids are sad..."


Seriously, these two fame-whores should take their brood of meal-tickets, and just go away.

Take what you earned, go far, far away and give the poor kiddies a childhood for goodness sakes!!

And then there is Octo-mom; poor lady wanted to be famous so bad that she opted to have eight babies live in her belly for nine months, just so that someone would pay attention to her! (That my friends is what you call dedication! -- I have seen people who have been pregnant with ONE kid, and it was a traumatic enough experience for them...But eight...Wow.)

Octo-mom had her moment, living the glamorous life of a reality star, until Jon and Kate stole it from her by deciding to have a nasty divorce (which saw Jon take off with the plastic surgeon's 20-something daughter, Kate have an alleged affair with the body guard, and lots and lots of petty and awkward publicized fights)

Poor Nadia; she doesn't even have a baby daddy to fight with on national television and on the Internet. -- Since she promised her "donor" (AKA baby daddy x 16) that she wouldn't out him an all...

It's only a matter of time Octo-Daddy...It's only a matter of time.

Perhaps I am being far too cynical towards these people; I mean they do all have TONS of kids to feed, and need to make money to actually feed all the kiddies that they've made. And If I were offered tons of money to let someone film every aspect of my life, I too might consider it...And yes, I suppose that people like me (who dedicate an entire blog post to train wrecks like Octo-mom and the Gosseln's) are to blame for perpetuating this reality frenzy even more...

But damn, I think it's time that we put a stop to this insanity!! (If we don't, it will only be a matter of time until 'Balloon Boy', Falcon Heene, and his fame-craving family gets their own reality TV show too...Well, that's if ma and pa Heene aren't in the clink for too long after their idiotic publicity stunt gone wrong...)

I miss Full House, and the Brady Bunch, and all of those made up TV families that were better than all of us...Let's bring them back -- Sans the Entertainment Tonight exposes on the behind the scenes shenanigans of course.)

Okay, I am done ranting for right now; but to close, I think that I am going to put it out there (in the vast world of the Internet, to the 4 people that read my blog) that we should just boycott TLC, and dysfunctional reality TV families as a whole.

It's time for a change my friends. It is time for a change.


  1. I miss Full House, and the Brady Bunch, and all of those made up TV families that were better than all of us
    I totally agree! Society has become so obsessed with other people's wrongdoings and flaws - gone are the days when there were actually role models on tv.
    Great point, awesome post/rant!

  2. TLC's actually has a reality show called "Mall Cops: Mall of America".