Friday, September 25, 2009

B is for BROKE!

It's official, I now live below the "Low Income Cut Off" (LICO) line. (I would say "poverty line", but Canada has never actually established a actual poverty line, so instead I will have to use the term LICO, since it's legit...)

Ahhh politics!

"Poverty Line" or "Low Income Cut Off"...Either way, the rhetoric doesn't make much of of difference; because the bottom line is that I am poor!

I haven't been in this boat for years! (Minus my poverty challenge of course...But that was a month long experiment meant to generate awareness, education and information for me, and everyone that was following my poverty challenge blog. It certainly wasn't "real life", even though I tried my best to emulate.)

I am lucky though, cause I do have options that other people who are living below this line with me don't have. -- I have an awesome and supportive family; I have good credit, and access to the ever-so-terrifying student line of credit; I have banked stat, vacation, and overtime hours; and I have a well-paying job (that I will hopefully be able to pick up shifts at during Christmas break), and a light at the end of my tunnel!

I know I will be okay; and I also know that I am fortunate enough to be able to say that.

Still, I will not lie and say that I am overly excited to change my overabundant way of life. -- I like eating fresh produce, and being able to spend money with little recourse. I like all of the small things that I take for granted, like my Tim Hortons coffee, and my ability to go out for dinner or drinks with my friends...I like trips to Wal-Mart, and cable TV...

After I checked my bank balance this afternoon, and realized that my rent would have to be covered by my student line of credit this month, I started to feel a little resentful towards my married friends, who automatically have a financial union with someone else.


Everything else...Not so much!

I dunno, I suppose that it is not tactful to discuss my financial situation on my blog, where the entire world has access, but I am okay with it...

There is no shame to being poor; especially if you're working hard, and trying to better yourself!

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